Franklin: Why I joined indivisible

For a time, I bought into the notion that our nation needed only gentle nudging to maintain the path of general tolerance and community we treasure. The 2016 election put me at an absolute loss for what our collective values meant in this country. The fear and anger directed at innocent communities for political gain put to rest my former optimism.

The Indivisible Guide was passed to me by my professor before the Women’s March. The combination of these 2 events convinced me that I had a duty to act. We all have a choice to accept our circumstances or work to change them; the choice to ignore injustice as our neighbors suffer.

My goal is to not only make policy changes, healthcare and climate challenges come to mind, but also to restore civic participation and compassion. Through San Diego Indivisible Downtown (SDID) our united voices have been heard by our congressmen and beyond. SDID has also given me an ownership stake in the future of our nation and given me a way to influence the leanings of our country’s conscience