Tansy Woods: Why I joined indivisible

Having grown up with liberal leaning parents in northern California, I never had to worry too much about politics.  I protested wars, was dismayed at Al Gore's loss, and had regular frustrations with the Bush's, but nothing has come close to #45.  Seeing him attack all of Obama's (and our country's) progress this past year, with no regard for the people of this country, the earth, or to the constitution, I quickly became more involved in politics again. I am sure many people have similar sentiments.  With the midterm elections this year, I wanted to go beyond signing petitions online, one-off volunteer events and marchs, making donations, etc., and get more involved with helping to make the changes we want to see.  I just can't sit by and watch all the disgraceful actions of the GOP and #45 happen.  I have to DO something!

Looking forward to getting involved,

Tansy Woods