Indivisible San Diego Persist

We are a chapter of the national Indivisible movement founded in January 2017. Persist is the result of the former Downtown & Central San Diego chapters of Indivisible, which merged in 2019 to collaborate on continuing the hard work of the last few years.

We are a grassroots group dedicated to resisting the Trump agenda in America's Finest City and a non-partisan, 100% volunteer organization.


about The National Indivisible Movement

“A few days after the election of Donald Trump, two former congressional staffers talked about what every progressive in America was talking about: what do we do now? We saw energy building to resist, but it wasn’t directed.

Sign a petition? Call Congress? How does this actually translate into taking down Donald Trump’s agenda?

It hit us. We’d seen a model for success for how local activism can affect real change in Congress. If the Tea Party was able to take on a historically popular President Obama with a Democratic supermajority to slow and sometimes defeat his federal agenda, we can surely take on Donald Trump and the members of Congress who would do his bidding.”



How does Indivisible act?

While each Indivisible group operates independently we act in a variety of common ways. To influence the policies and attitudes of elected officials we attend their town halls, coordinate phone calls and visit their district offices. To make our voices heard we organize and attend marches, protests, speeches, voter registration drives and other local public events. Some groups have subcommittees tracking voting records and investigating campaign donations, and there is always more that can be done. The message is clear, there is no role too small to play. When you donate your time, money, energy or expertise you are part of the Indivisible movement.

-Indivisible National