Announcing: Indivisible San Diego Persist

Hello Downtown! We have some exciting news to announce. For the past few months the leaders of Indivisible Downtown and Indivisible Central, two of the largest Indivisible chapters in San Diego, have been working together to eliminate duplicative effort and amplify our voices.

Especially as many of the leaders of SDID had to take a welcome break after the chaotic (but successful!) midterms, this seemed like a natural time to restructure and collaborate with other local groups.

Today we announce the outcome of our merger, the very best of the Downtown and Central groups have come together to give you Indivisible San Diego Persist!

We’ll be adapting and using this website and combining our email newsletters soon, but for now you can find our updated groups on social media:

Time to Endorse!

Time to Endorse!

At the September 30th meeting, we will present a list of proposed races that we would like to consider for endorsement. We will explain the process of how we selected that list, in the context of the values we constructed as a chapter over the past year.

We will clarify how an endorsement from SDID will translate into action... and how YOU will be involved in that process.

Voter Registration Update (Feb)

The Voter Registration team has been pretty busy and things are getting busier! We have been working on building a group of trained volunteers to staff an increasing number of voter registration events.  In addition to that, a number of people have stepped up and offered to help run these events. These event managers allow us to increase our capacity, and we are taking advantage of that. We also have a person now dedicated to event planning, selection and coordination. A huge help!

Outreach Team Update (Feb)

The Outreach team has continued working hard to establish relationships with like-minded local groups. Multiple members of SDID attended a collaborative ACLU-Indivisible meeting, where representatives from numerous local Indivisible chapters met with the leadership of ACLU to discuss a variety of common objectives, including voter registration and progressive policies.