Voter Registration Update (Feb)

The Voter Registration team has been pretty busy and things are getting busier! We have been working on building a group of trained volunteers to staff an increasing number of voter registration events.  In addition to that, a number of people have stepped up and offered to help run these events. These event managers allow us to increase our capacity, and we are taking advantage of that. We also have a person now dedicated to event planning, selection and coordination. A huge help!

Outreach Team Update (Feb)

The Outreach team has continued working hard to establish relationships with like-minded local groups. Multiple members of SDID attended a collaborative ACLU-Indivisible meeting, where representatives from numerous local Indivisible chapters met with the leadership of ACLU to discuss a variety of common objectives, including voter registration and progressive policies. 

Sally: Why I Resist

Sally: Why I Resist

I used to teach American history and government to high school kids.  And I’m old enough to remember Hitler. I understand how our democracy is supposed to work with three separate, but equal powers of government. I am appalled that the Republican Congress is so complicit in the President's attempt to take power.

Canvassing Team Updates

Thanks to all who came out to Solana Beach for canvassing to Flip the 49th on January 6! These efforts contributed to the decision by Darryl Issa to not seek re-election. This is a huge win for Indivisible and partner community groups. Now we have a crowded field of Democrats and at least two Republicans in the 49th District — which means it’s more important than ever to canvass and make sure a progressive candidate is on the primary and midterm ballots!

How to help:

  1. Our next canvassing event will be in Encinitas on Feb. 10 from 11 am until 2 pm at Cottonwood Creek Park, 95 N. Vulcan Ave. Sign up here:

  2. There will be canvassing efforts every month leading up to the primary vote and continuing until midterms (June 5, 2018). Sign up to receive information on future volunteer opportunities:

Voter Registration Team Updates

The Voter Registration team, lead by Larry McNamara has been working hard building a community of volunteers who are trained to register voters. Larry’s team has hosted a booth at several events in the past few weeks, including the OB Farmers Market on Jan. 10, City Heights Farmers Market on Jan. 13, Hillcrest Farmers Market on Jan. 14 an the Women's March on Jan. 20. The team is looking forward to hosting more voter registration classes in the coming weeks (including one for our neighbors in Escondido) and a registration booth at Southwest College on Feb. 8.

How to help:

  1. Help us organize upcoming Voter Registration booths. This includes managing setup and teardown of event booths and ensuring all registration forms are filled out correctly and delivered back to the Democratic office. Contact Larry McNamara at to get started.

  2. Help identify and secure new voter registration venues. This includes coordinating with the venue operator and confirming event details. Contact Larry McNamara at to get started.

Voter Guide Team Updates

The Voter Guide Team, lead by volunteer journalist, Doug Porter, is working on creating a local voter guide for upcoming primaries and mid-term elections. The Guide will include information on major organizational endorsements, a summary of the candidates’ positions and some context on the position for the following races:

  • San Diego County Assessor/Recorder, District Attorney, Sheriff, and Supervisor District 4
  • San Diego City Council Districts 2, 4, 6 & 8
  • San Diego Community College Board
  • County Board of Education

How to help:

  • Stay tuned for the finalized Voter Guide to be published in early May. Spread our values by sharing the document with your contacts and encouraging your friends, family and coworkers to VOTE!

Outreach Team Updates

Over the past month, the Outreach Team has targeted a number of like-minded, progressive groups in the hopes of building collaborative relationships that we expect to bear significant fruit over the coming months.

Marely Ramirez has worked tirelessly with the immigrant rights groups Alliance San Diego and the San Diego Immigrant Rights Consortium, attending numerous meetings and rallies and actively influencing their work. Meg Wiley is building a strong relationship with SD350, and invites anyone who can attend to their anti-offshore drilling rally on Feb 3rd.

We are continuing our coordination with the ACLU, and Ara Farnam-Levinson will be attending an ACLU/SD County Indivisible collaborative meeting on Jan. 24. We are also initiating outreach with Planned Parenthood and the LGBT Community Center in Hillcrest, spearheaded by Geuni Zinser and Sue Heim, respectively.

How to help:

  1. Help us form relationships with local advocacy groups by contacting team leader, Matt Douglas at

  2. Help us form a working relationship with the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). Contact Matt Douglas at to get started.

Attend San Diego 350’s “Hands Across the Sand: San Diego’s Voice Matters” on Saturday, Feb. 3:

Membership Recruitment and Engagement Team Updates

The Member Recruitment and Engagement Team, headed up by Cyndi Laddon Kaase and Liz Chiba, have successfully promoted the Downtown Indivisible chapter at several community events including Friday Night Liberty (3 new members), the Ocean Beach Farmer’s Market on Jan. 10 (5 new members), and the Hillcrest Farmer’s Market on Jan. 14 (8 new members). The team also helped recruit new members at the Women’s March on Jan. 20.

How to help:

  1. Join the Recruitment and Engagement Team by contacting Cyndi and Liz at
  2. Paint a garden rock with a positive political message and place it outdoors (“The Activism Rocks Project”) — include “” as a call to action!
  3. Tell your elected officials what you think by sending postcards. Postcards are available at monthly member meetings, or, send your own! Mailing addresses can be found here:

Tansy Woods: Why I joined indivisible

Tansy Woods: Why I joined indivisible

Having grown up with liberal leaning parents in northern California, I never had to worry too much about politics.  I protested wars, was dismayed at Al Gore's loss, and had regular frustrations with the Bush's, but nothing has come close to #45.  Seeing him attack all of Obama's (and our country's) progress this past year, with no regard for the people of this country, the earth, or to the constitution, I quickly became more involved in politics again.

Meet a Member: Christina Bourassa

Meet a Member: Christina Bourassa

Indivisible volunteers bring with them unique backgrounds and passions that make our grassroots organization more than the sum of its parts. Let’s get to know Cristina Bourassa, a key volunteer on our New Membership/Member Recruitment Committee:

1. What compelled you to volunteer with Indivisible?

“I initially decided to volunteer in order to become more informed on local issues. Like many residents, I transplanted to San Diego from elsewhere and I hadn’t been particularly involved in my community, despite my desire to do so. Indivisible became an opportunity to apply and practice my strengths in a venue where others were doing the same. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to work with and get to know my neighbors.”



San Diego County Indivisible has successfully piloted a Rapid Response tool to alert members to the most urgent, county-wide news and actions. Sign up here.

You will only receive texts for the following kinds of events:

  • Response to unexpected policy: Muslim ban airport rally 

  • Response to military action: Syrian bombing demonstration

  • Last minute response to legislation: vigil to save the ACA

  • We-just-found-out: Jeff Sessions arriving in San Deigo

  • Active police actions: ICE raids

  • Plea for attendance due to a change: media coverage

  • Last minute changes to planned events: cancellation