Voter Registration Update (Feb)

The Voter Registration team has been pretty busy and things are getting busier! We have been working on building a group of trained volunteers to staff an increasing number of voter registration events.  In addition to that, a number of people have stepped up and offered to help run these events. These event managers allow us to increase our capacity, and we are taking advantage of that. We also have a person now dedicated to event planning, selection and coordination. A huge help!

So far this month, we have delivered TWO more voter registration classes, training 26 more people to work events.  We have also run events at Balboa Park and Southwestern College, our first college event.  Still left in this month, we will be working the Tet Festival, Hillcrest Farmers Market, OB Farmers Market and SEVEN DAYS at Mesa College! ALL IN TWO WEEKS! There is a first for us here, running two events on the same day, February 28. That’s what a little capacity can do for you.


Be on the lookout for the next voter registration class. When you see it, sign up, get trained and then we will get you out there signing up new voters! We hope to have a new class soon.