Outreach Group: Update

The Outreach Group has continued its goal to network and be a strong, positive presence in the San Diego community. Our representatives have continued their liaison work with multiple organizations, such as the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and SD350, the largest pro-environmental group in San Diego County. Marely Ramirez, our Alliance SD and SDIRC rep, has been exceptional in her work, travelling to Tijuana to support the Caravan and speaking to US and Mexican media there, providing trainings and other logistical support for the May 14thImmigrant Day, and travelling to Sacramento to support pro-health and pro-immigrant legislation.

Matt Douglas, the Coordinator for the Outreach Group, has joined the newly formed Be The Vote along with our very own Larry the Voter Registration Guy. Meeting once a month, Be The Vote is an informal network of progressive San Diego organizations comprised of other Indivisible chapters, the Women’s March, ACLU, League of Women Voters, San Diegans Against Gun Violence, and People Power to help coordinate efforts, share tactics, and push voter registration and GOTV initiatives. If you are interested in helping support Outreach efforts, please let us know. There is always much to be done, and we could use your help!