Everything you need to host a Ballot Party

Voting is more fun with friends so what better way to kickoff the buzz around Midterm Election Day (November 6th 2018) than by hosting a Ballot Party?

A ballot party takes place anytime the week before Election Day. The goal is to get together to decide who you’ll vote for in the upcoming election.  It is typically hosted at your home, but you can always meet up at a local bar, park, or coffee house.  It can be small and intimate with a guest list of just 3-5 people, or large and raucous with more than 15 people.  

You don’t need to be an expert in order to host a Ballot Party -- just use a trusted Voter Guide as your reference.  A Ballot Party is a great way to help encourage voting while having fun with your friends.  Here’s everything you need for a successful party:


  • Sample ballots or a “bring to the ballot” worksheet (guests with mail-in ballots can bring those)

  • Pens/pencils

  • Clipboards or large books to write on

  • Copies of a Voter Guide (or a link for guests to access from their phone)

  • Internet access to look up questions on candidates and key issues


  • First, fill out your mail-in ballot or a “bring to the ballot” worksheet. You can assign each person to read through the Voter Guide about a particular office and make a recommendation to the group.

  • Once you know who you’re voting for, watch something inspiring and patriotic like American President or old episodes of The West Wing

  • Voting Trivia Game - winner gets a donation to their favorite candidate

  • Flag cookie decorating

  • Post a picture of your party on social media to encourage others to vote! #MidtermsMatter

  • Extra Credit: Phone or Text Bank for a candidate or cause on the upcoming ballot during your party

  • Extra Credit: Each guest texts 5 people to remind them to vote and offers to share their voting picks

MUSIC: Spotify has countless Voting and Election Day playlists to choose from.


  • Obama’s Arugula Salad

  • Hillary’s I’m With Her(o) Sandwiches

  • Make America Grape Again grapes

  • Bush’s Heckuva Job Brownies

  • Flag fruit salad (blueberries, strawberries and whipped cream)


  • Patriotic buntings

  • Red, white and blue balloons

  • American flag cocktail napkins

  • USA toothpick flags

  • Stars and stripes paper straws (environmentally friendly, too!)

  • Poster of Donald Trump for motivation (free download)

Take-Home Party Favors:

  • Election Night bingo cards (download printable cards here or the online version here) and play via a group messaging app on election night!

  • List of other races to watch on Election Night

  • Vote pins (or add some extra sass with these pins)


Happy Hosting…and Voting!

Sarah & Ara

San Diego Indivisible Downtown

Images courtesy of JuJuBee Goods, Amazon.