***Updated 2018***

San Diego County Indivisible has successfully launched a Rapid Response tool to alert members to the most urgent, county-wide news and actions. Click here to sign up.


You will only receive texts for the following kinds of events:

  • Response to unexpected policy: Muslim ban airport rally 

  • Response to military action: Syrian bombing demonstration

  • Last minute response to legislation: vigil to save the ACA

  • We-just-found-out: Jeff Sessions arriving in San Diego

  • Active police actions: ICE raids

  • Plea for attendance due to a change: media coverage

  • Last minute changes to planned events: cancellation


This is not a reminder service and will NOT be used:

• To announce regularly scheduled meetings

• To announce pre-planned demonstration events

• To announce changes or cancellation if there is enough time for regular channels


Steps to Signup:

  1. Click here to sign up

  2. Go to the light blue "1 Sign up" box, input your mobile number or email and agree to terms of service box. Click "start signup"

  3. You will immediately receive a validation code using the phone or email you entered. Go to "2 Validation Code" tab and enter the code. 

  4. You are now signed up to receive alerts via text.

Note: We do not require a keyword code, so just ignore that part. If you have any problem with subscription message our fellow indivisiblers at: