Jill: Why I joined indivisible

I have dedicated my entire professional life to nurturing the well-being of children. I have been a preschool teacher, director, and founder of a San Diego charter school whose mission is centered on social intelligence. There children learned self-awareness, problem solving skills in conflicts, recognizing their own needs as well as the needs of others. They became compassionate, articulate young people.

I have been a professor of Child Development at a community college in San Diego for 3 years. Since December, all my classes have been cut because students are fearful to enroll due to deportation threats. Many of their parents live in Tijuana and are not legal residents. My students will not register for classes because they are frightened. In addition, my Muslim students have been bullied. Enrollment is down 30% due to the "President's" immigration policies. I am here to fight for my students and to tell their stories, to help others understand how false and damaging the current “discussion” regarding immigrants and Muslims is.