Wendy: Why I joined indivisible

I signed on as an organizer for San Diego Women March mid-November. Our first meeting had 125 attendees; we grew to over 100,000 the day of the March!

About 2 weeks before the March I was thinking that Jan 21 is only the first day of his destructive administration and I had better find a way to resist and fight the Trump/GOP agenda that would be organized and have long term consistent goals. I was watching TV and Michael Moore mentioned Indivisible. I downloaded the Guide and chose the closest of 9 groups in San Diego in mid-January. Our first meeting was 4pm the day of Women's March. That was a very long day starting at 7am for WM organizers and ending with the first indivisible meeting at 4-6pm, but one of the most fulfilling of my life.

I love the peaceful, organized, socially conscious membership of Indivisible. We are now at 88 groups & 12,000 strong in San Diego and I'm so proud to stand with each one of you! In January, there were 200 groups nationwide; now there are 6,000!

I am relieved so many people are willing to get up and get out to events and marches, which are so important to keep the movement in the forefront of our legislators’ minds and the media’s. It also lets others know we are here Resisting for them too.

I'm so grateful to those that may not come to rallies but make phone calls, write letters or sign petitions. They are working and effectively making a Difference!

What I also love about Indivisible is there is a niche for every member they will naturally gravitate to - no one need do everything, but if we all do something we will flip Congress in 2018 and we will create a government truly for the people.