Sarah: Why I started Indivisible SD Downtown

Why did you join Indivisible?

I was blindsided and devastated by the 2016 election. I felt hopeless for months - I couldn't find my "fight." On a Thursday, soon after the Women's March, a coworker texted me a TV interview with a group named Indivisible. On Saturday, I joined the 1st SD airport protest and saw it grow from 30 people at the start to 300 people. I went home that night and watched the TV interview on Indivisible. The closest chapter, Hillcrest, felt way too far, so I started my own. I went back to the airport on Sunday to protest the Muslim Ban with 100 rudimentary fliers in hand and then hosted a last minute social at Quartyard the following weekend; that was the start of our chapter.

What do you hope to accomplish?

I want our group to hold our currently-elected officials accountable and make an impact on the 2018 elections (flip Congress to majority Democrat, get rid of Issa and Hunter) and 2020 elections (get rid of Trump).

Name one thing you love about our country/society.

I am inspired by my memories of election night in 2008 and the SD airport protests earlier this year. I refuse to believe that the majority of Americans truly agree with the hateful policies of Trump.