Sandhya: Why I joined indivisible

After the 2016 election I felt angry, scared, and paralyzed by the pervasive sexism and bigotry that had been revealed in our populace. A couple of weeks later I attended my first protest; a joyous and cathartic experience that galvanized me to do more, to become a fully active participant in our democracy.

I saw an interview with the creators of the Indivisible guide and knew I had found a community that could help me break through the paralytic fear that gnawed at me with every fresh news report.

I love our democratic norms and institutions; the idea that the President is a servant of the people, dedicated to preserving their well-being. San Diego Indivisible Downtown (SDID) has connected me to my representatives, forced me to distill what issues and causes are important to me, and given me a way to make my concerns and opinions heard by relevant government representatives.

Lastly, and most importantly, SDID has connected me with people who love their country and are willing to fight for tolerance, intelligence, science and good government. SDID has given me hope.