Donna: Why I joined indivisible

After watching the events leading up to the 2016 election resulting in the election of our disastrous 45th President of the United States, I was horrified at this outcome. I have watched the deterioration of the Republican party for the last 30 years or more, promoting false information, hate speech, and propaganda to influence their supporters. I was dismayed that we, as a nation, couldn’t overcome the negativity provided by the Republican party. I started to look for ways to participate more actively in our local politics to better understand what was going on and how to better support progressive issues moving forward.

I was delighted to learn about the “Indivisible Guide” and the resulting movement that was born out of this presidential election. My daughter and I had already started going to marches, political meetings, etc. and were happy to find that Indivisible groups were forming so we could get involved in a more organized way. I am impressed with how quickly the Indivisible movement has taken off and feel more energized and assured that we can make a difference by following the principles outlined in the Indivisible Guide. It is a good feeling to be involved with a group of people who share my conviction to make our city, state, and country a better place and not let one political party or election harm our democracy. I have already seen what can be accomplished over a short period of time by speaking truth to power to our elected officials, holding them accountable for their votes and actions.

I am encouraged by all the good people involved in Indivisible Groups (and other similar minded groups) across the country, and by all of those stepping up and running for office to challenge the GOP, particularly, in important swing state and special elections.

The silver lining for me is that even though we have 45 as POTUS for now, it has motivated many of us who are first-time political activists to get and stay involved in our democratic process. Our democracy is precious and worth fighting for.