Canvassing Team Updates

Thanks to all who came out to Solana Beach for canvassing to Flip the 49th on January 6! These efforts contributed to the decision by Darryl Issa to not seek re-election. This is a huge win for Indivisible and partner community groups. Now we have a crowded field of Democrats and at least two Republicans in the 49th District β€” which means it’s more important than ever to canvass and make sure a progressive candidate is on the primary and midterm ballots!

How to help:

  1. Our next canvassing event will be in Encinitas on Feb. 10 from 11 am until 2 pm at Cottonwood Creek Park, 95 N. Vulcan Ave. Sign up here:

  2. There will be canvassing efforts every month leading up to the primary vote and continuing until midterms (June 5, 2018). Sign up to receive information on future volunteer opportunities: