Voter Registration Team Updates

The Voter Registration team, lead by Larry McNamara has been working hard building a community of volunteers who are trained to register voters. Larry’s team has hosted a booth at several events in the past few weeks, including the OB Farmers Market on Jan. 10, City Heights Farmers Market on Jan. 13, Hillcrest Farmers Market on Jan. 14 an the Women's March on Jan. 20. The team is looking forward to hosting more voter registration classes in the coming weeks (including one for our neighbors in Escondido) and a registration booth at Southwest College on Feb. 8.

How to help:

  1. Help us organize upcoming Voter Registration booths. This includes managing setup and teardown of event booths and ensuring all registration forms are filled out correctly and delivered back to the Democratic office. Contact Larry McNamara at to get started.

  2. Help identify and secure new voter registration venues. This includes coordinating with the venue operator and confirming event details. Contact Larry McNamara at to get started.