Time to Endorse!

Hi Resisters!

Our chapter was a little quiet over the summer after the primaries, but now the midterms are looming and we are going to be ready for them! Our next chapter meeting is September 30th, and it will be a big one.

Currently our team is hard at work creating another voter's guide for the November midterms. Just like in the primaries, we're putting together research and insights on the candidates and measures that will appear on your ballot. 

Educating voters is important. However, these midterm elections are a big deal, and we want to go beyond individual votes. Endorsing candidates in and channeling our efforts in the form of neighborhood canvassing, phone/text banking or other volunteer opportunities for their campaigns can help protect or flip critical districts.

At the September 30th meeting, we will present a list of proposed races that we would like to consider for endorsement. We will explain the process of how we selected that list, in the context of the values we constructed as a chapter over the past year.

We will clarify how an endorsement from SDID will translate into action... and how YOU will be involved in that process.

Finally, and most importantly, we will ask for your input on which candidates we as a chapter should endorse.

We have space for everyone, so bring your friends, and bring your energy - we're going to need it to make a difference this November.

  • What: SDID Chapter Meeting - Endorsements!

  • When: Sunday, September 30, 2018 at 1:30 PM – 4 PM 
    (As always, if you are new to our group, please feel free to come early at 1:30 to find out more. Agenda begins at 2:00pm.)

  • Where: Logan Heights Library - Community Room (567 S 28th St, San Diego, California 92113)

  • Why: Because these elections are a big deal, and we can make a difference!

  • Who: You, your family, your friends, your neighbors... bring them all! It's a big venue this time.

The event is posted on Facebook and on Indivisible National's site, so feel free to share!